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Helping Making Volleyball Athletics Better.

Sethitpass was founded by Somers (Sandy) Butcher, a volleyball coach with over 28 years of experience at the college D2, high school, and club levels. He has coached many great players over the years and has won many conference championships and received bids to USAV Nationals for the 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 age groups. He has also earned his USA CAP III certification.

For the past few years coaching, Sandy has focused on how to make some aspects of training players better, easier and more visual at all levels. He has trained well over a thousand volleyball players who have gone on to D1, D2, and D3 schools. Sandy has attended many of the best teaching clinics and seminars over the years from some of the best volleyball coaches in the country on how to make athletes better, but he was always left with the lingering question of how to visually relate what he heard. No one else has been talking about this. Yes, we watched other players, and we told pass the ball target at around 8ft high. The coach tells you the pass to low or high but there is no device to help train you. It’s the same with a setter learning where to set the ball. Many people as well as athletes learn earlier from visually seeing it.

Sandy has coached elite teams, but also many teams that had little to no experience and had not won any games. The players would wonder if volleyball was the right sport for them, and the parents would say that they didn’t see any improvement. This would cause drama within the team dynamics. In both cases, coaches have their own ways of dealing with this issue, but in Sandy’s experience, this has not changed in 28 years. You need a way to scientifically evaluate your children without relying on 5 or more other players’ skills or wins and loss.

Sandy decided to tackle the problem by coming up with a more scientific approach. He developed two products:

  • The Ultimate Volleyball Trainer System: This trainer gives players a target that they can see for setting, passing, and hitting. It also has a rating system so that coaches, parents, and players can all see the player’s progress.
  • My VB Stats app: This app allows players, coaches, and parents to enter scores and stats at each practice and game. The app then provides an overall performance report, as well as reports for individual practices and games.

My VB Stats app is free for coaches, ADs, club directors, and parents. Schools and clubs can even make a referral fee. There is a one-time per year single organization family subscription fee of $59.95 for as many players as are in the family, but this fee has been website discount of $20.00 giving cost of  $39.95.You can also purchase unlimited organization subscription for $89.95 less website discount of $20.00 equaling $69.95.If a school or club purchases Sandy’s Ultimate Volleyball Trainer System, everyone in the school or club gets a one-year free version of My VB Stats app. If a coach, AD, Club director becomes Partner with Sethitpass they will receive recurring income and also be to give their player deep discounts for My VB Stats.

You can get it even cheaper through your coach.

Sandy is passionate about helping volleyball players improve. He believes that his products and services can help players of all skill levels reach their full potential. Sethitpass also offers a free My VB Stats scholarship for anyone that is having financial hardship.

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